Community of man, translucency,
abundance of flowers.

The Calligraphy of Pablo Neruda's »Ode to Wine« decorates »The Cube« of Weingut Heymann-Löwenstein. Not only as a tribute to the great Chilean poet but also as an allegory to our own cultural understanding of wine: In the creative tension between man and nature, poetry, as the highest artistic expression of human spirit, embraces the archaic savagery which is symbolised here by the charred wooden fronting, in reminiscence to our Celtic ancestors.

Wine as a cultural good constitutes - an exciting challenge in the age of food design! We see ourselves as an alternative, as Terroir-Vignerons. The goal is not the optimization of the taste, but an individual and authentic experience. This is all about the sensual experience of our region's real wealth: the different Devonian slates. Tropical soil, fine clay, plankton, coral reefs... Those 400 million years old sedimentary deposits compacted and formed today's steep slate rocks in the Mosel valley. In painstaking manual work earlier generations broke the rock and built walls to create terraces, which gave us this unique cultural landscape - what a great heritage of our forefathers! Almost as a medium, the vines here sublimate the stony ground into the glass. It is our mission to attend to this creative process.

We take part in the exciting return of the fossil seabed in the cycle of organic life, we experience the fascination of the »sound of slate«.